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Photo Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

Here are sample pictures of completed items.
Hopefully they will inspire and awaken your creative side.
Thanks to those who graciously shared their pictures.

Display of Gallon Can, Gable Box, Clock, Mini Wrappers,
SOE Wrappers, Grab N Go Cup, Recipe Card, Bag Topper

Candy Bouquet made from
Hershey's Mini Wrappers

Display includes Pleated Purse, 8 Bar Mini Box, Teabag Cover,
Seed Packet, Mini Wrappers, SOE Wrapper and Sucker Cover

2 Bar Mini Box With Minis
Photo By Creative Hayes Creations

Sour Cream Containers
Picture Shared By Robyn

Mint Topper Photo From

Display includes Grab N Go Cup,
Mini Wrappers and SCE Wrappers (Crimped End)

Display of Note Card and SCE Wrapper
Photo By Creative Hayes Creations

Sucker Cover

Hershey's Mini Card With Mini

Mini Card with attached Mini Bars
Photo by Tina AKA Liv's Mom

Mini Bar Wrappers
Photo By Tina AKA Liv's Mom
SCE Wrapper Character Bar

Display of SOE Wrapper, Condom
Matchbook Cover, Altoid Mint Tin and Gallon Can

SCE Wrappers Made Into
Bride & Groom Character Bars

SCE Wrapper
Easter Bunny Character Bar

2 Bar Mini Box With Minis

SOE Wrapper, Tea Bag Cover, Mini Bars and 2 Bar Mini Box

SCE Wrappers

Cake Slice Boxes
Photo Taken By Audrey

Hershey's Mini Wrapper Candy Bouquet
Photo Taken By Wrap The Occasion

Back To School Kit Includes Sucker Cover, Rolled Candy,
SOE Wrapper, Mintbooks, Bag Toppers and Mini Bars
Photo Taken By Maria

How Cool, A Candy Sundae!
Photo Taken By Heaven's Harmony

Hershey's Mini Wrapper Candy Cake
Photo Taken By Sweet Designz Shop

Hershey's Mini Wrapper Candy Cake
Photo Taken By Debbie

Hershey's Mini Wrappers

Hershey's Mini Wrapper

Valentine Quart Cans
Photo Taken By Julie

Sucker Cover
Photo Taken By Julie
2 Bar Mini Box With Minis

SOE Wrapper and Snack Size Ziplock Bag Topper

SOE Wrapper and Snack Size Ziplock Bag Topper

SOE Wrapper and Snack Size Ziplock Bag Topper

Photo of Gable Box, 8 Bar Mini Box,
Mini Bar, Mini Card and Cocoa Packet

Get Well Gallon Can

Bottle Label

Display of Bag Topper, SOE Wrappers, Post It Note Holder,
Quart Can, Sucker Cover, Mintbooks, Bookmarks and Mini Bars

Completed and ready to deliver Gallon and Quart Cans

Pamper Yourself Gallon Gift Can

Foot Spa Gallon Gift Can

Red Hat Gallon Gift Set

Prim Gallon Spa Gift Set

Religious Quart Gifts for Pastor and Wife
Memorial Seed Packet

House Box Group Display

Single House Box

Thank You House Box

Movie Night Gallon Can

SOE Wrapper and Ziplock Bag Topper

Display of Caramel Corn  Gallon Can,
Recipe Card, and Bag Toppers

Fundraising Gallon Can

Display of Gable Box, SOE Wrapper, Mini Card and Minis,
8 Bar Mini Box, Sucker Cover, Bag Topper, Cocoa Packet,
Teabag Cover,Grab N Go Cup, Square Gift Box and Note Card

8 Bar Mini Box Display

Playground Quart Can

Teacher Gallon Gift Can

SCE Wrappers

 Post-It Note Matchbook Cover

Memorial Sand Dollar Cards & Bags

In Memory of...

Single Tealight Box

Pillow Box Purse

Pinch Box Front & Back View 

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